About us

DataWise360 is a boutique consulting firm specializing in helping businesses optimize their use of data + analytics + technology to measure business performance & improve results.

Key services offered: 

  • Data Analytics Strategy & Management Consulting

  • Information Technology Management Consulting

  • Enterprise Data Technology Assessments & Planning

  • Information Governance & Data Privacy Consulting

Our Approach


 Our service includes a comprehensive consult with you to understand your existing data analytics, technology and business objectives.  

From there, we'll work with you to identify and discuss key opportunities. We'll build a project plan with timelines and milestones, a cost analysis, and a schedule.  

Why DataWise360?


 We know good business partners & mentors are key to building and maintaining a thriving business.  We give each client the time and guidance they deserve.   

We've helped many clients, we look forward to helping you too! 

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Victor Harris is Chief Data Officer & Principal Consultant for DataWise360

Mr. Harris formed DataWise360 with a goal of sharing his 20+ years of knowledge and experience using data + analytics + technology to help growing businesses more effectively use data, measure results & improve business performance. 

He has extensive experience working with Executive leaders, Business & IT teams, and is particularly adept at helping companies level-up their data analytics use & insight to drive efficiencies, profit & growth. 


Key consulting services offered are centered around three focus areas:  Data Analytics Strategy & Consulting, Enterprise Data Technology Assessments, and IT/Technology Advisory & Consulting.

Mr. Harris has detailed knowledge of executive information systems, managing business technology platforms, and implementing business-strategies for data management, operational performance analytics, and legal/risk and compliance standards.  

He also has deep subject matter expertise across the data analytics & technology landscape including: data management, data modeling, data science, data-analytics platforms, business analytic techniques, database systems, data governance, technology infrastructure, legal/risk, compliance & privacy solutions.

Over the past 20 years, Mr. Harris has held leadership & advisory roles for a diverse mix of companies across … real estate/mortgage-lending, retail, telecom, technology, cyber-security, & social media.  


Related Business Leadership Role & Experience

Co-Chair of Southern California Chief Data Officers Group  A 350+ member-group of Executive Data Technology Leaders, convening twice-yearly to discuss the “data economy”. Key focus areas include data strategy (use, management & governance), staffing & technology trends for respective enterprises and industries. Responsibilities include leading/facilitating group & event-planning meetings, curation of topic-agendas for bi-annual conference meetings, vendor recruiting/technology demos, and onsite focus-group discussions.  


Executive Committee Member, Data Analytics & Technology Executive for nationwide retail-store chain. Responsible for IT staff/systems/budget, enterprise data technology strategy, business analytics and (digital) technology transformation for retail business. Key activities included leading IT initiatives across all business functions to help modernize business practices, systems, and enterprise-wide data analytics visibility. New practices, systems and visibility helped grow and scale customer base 5X (12M to 60M), store operations 3X (from 300 to 1000+ stores) while also growing top line revenue & profit 4X (from millions to billions) over seven years.

Executive Committee Member, Data Analytics & Technology Executive for Mortgage Software/Data Analytics company. Responsible for technology design, build & operations for a 5-Terabyte Nationwide Real Estate Data Analytics Platform. Used by Top-100 mortgage lenders, appraisal management firms, and mortgage servicing companies across the United States to aggregate, standardize, validate and value real estate housing data for millions of property loans. Key services included a commercially available web portal, offering property data search and support for due-diligence research, bulk property-portfolio valuations & risks, market risk scoring & data-analytics. 

Co-Author, Real Estate/Mortgage Data Standards & Algorithms  Co-developed and implemented multiple data standards, B2B data-processing systems, and automated real-estate algorithms (AVMs/similar to Zillow’s Zestimate) for public and privatized use (white-label) by major mortgage-lending institutions and other firms working with real estate property detail, real estate valuation analytics and automated decision-engines.